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Polestar 2 gets over-the-air updates and range improvements

Polestar has expanded their vehicles’ ability to get over-the-air (OTA) updates. A new safety feature focused on warning you of road hazards has also been included as part of the latest software.

“With OTA we bring the latest software updates straight to Polestar 2 customers just like they experience it on their smartphones,” said Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath. “Our engineers are constantly improving functionality, and developing new features, and with OTA we will be able to push new software out regularly – which means that even the earliest cars can run the latest version and gain new features.”

OTA updates will allow Polestar to install everything from improvements to the Android-based user interface and range increases to bug fixes. The car’s multimedia system plays a key role in enabling this because it allows Polestar cars to always stay connected. That means vehicles can always receive updates whenever they’re available.

The latest update also includes the Connected Safety feature. This enables the car to collect road hazard information from other Polestar and Volvo vehicles. Additionally, your vehicle can also collect info from cloud-based service records and learn which section of a particular road caused other cars’ traction control systems to activate or where an crash just occurred.

“In today’s age, where we are all used to our phones and computers always running the latest software, we should expect the same from our cars – a huge plus for the digitally connected Polestar 2,” added Ingenlath.

Having a vehicle with OTA update capability allows it to stay up to date throughout the ownership experience. This also adds convenience because it minimizes time spent at a dealer’s service department.

Written by Stefan Ogbac
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