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Nissan’s Leaf once again eligible for tax credit under IRA

Understanding the Inflation Reduction Act sometimes feels like it requires a doctorate in government bureaucracy, or at least a CPA (which we aren’t), but the ultimate goal is to help make electric vehicles (EVs) more affordable for those who source and build EVs locally.

Leaf buyers through the end of last year were able to take advantage of the tax incentive, but for 2024 Nissan needed to certify battery components and/or mineral requirements for Internal Revenue Code Section 30D.

The Leaf now, again, qualify for up to a $3,750 take credit. The battery is assembled, along with the car itself, at Nissan’s factory in Smyrna, Tennessee.

For those leasing, Nissan is offering a $3,750 incentive on 2023 and 2024 models. This is likely to bring parity to the tax incentive for those who buy.

The Leaf is a solid little runabout that is primarily hindered by the CHAdeMO fast charger connector onboard. While there are some chargers capable of delivering more than 50 kW of peak performance, they are rare. That makes the Leaf not ideal for fast charging road trips.

But, the Leaf is relatively affordable with a starting price of $29,135 with delivery, and being able to fundamentally shave a few grand off the top before negotiation is always welcomed.

Written by Chad Kirchner
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