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New Ford Capri combines electric power with sports coupe heritage

Ford has announced the return of the Capri, an iconic sports coupe, reimagined as an all-electric vehicle (EV) for the modern era. The new Capri aims to combine athletic performance with practical features suitable for families. The vehicle boasts an all-electric powertrain, providing a driving range of over 620 kilometers on a full charge. The fast-charging capability and more than 570 liters of boot space enhance its suitability for family getaways.

The new Capri retains the spirit of the original, a cult classic, while integrating advanced electric vehicle technology. This combination of past and future aims to position the Capri uniquely in the market, leveraging its heritage to appeal to a new generation of EV buyers.

The vehicle features several intelligent technologies designed to enhance safety and convenience. These include automated lane changes and cyclist detection systems, aimed at providing assistance both on highways and in urban environments. Additionally, the Capri includes unique features such as a sliding touchscreen that reveals hidden storage and a massaging driver’s seat, highlighting its innovative approach to design and comfort.

Ford’s introduction of the all-electric Capri represents a significant step in the evolution of family-oriented sports coupes, offering a blend of historical significance and modern technological advancements.

Written by EV Pulse Staff

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