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Michelin Pilot Sport EV blends grip and low rolling resistance

Michelin has unveiled a tire that blends low rolling resistance with the grip levels needed for performance car applications. Called the Pilot Sport EV, this tire takes the knowledge from developing tires for Formula E for the last six seasons and applies it to road cars.

Unlike current tires, the Pilot Sport EV has been optimized for electric vehicles, taking into account higher weight and unique weight distribution characteristics. The tire also optimizes grip and low rolling resistance irrespective of wear. As a result, Michelin says the Pilot Sport EV can increase an EV’s range by up to 37 miles. Road noise has been minimized by up to 20 percent thanks to custom-developed polyurethane foam.

The Pilot Sport EV uses the same ElectricGrip Compound technology as the tires used on the Formula E race cars. A hard compound is used in the center of the tread to provide the necessary grip required to handle an electric vehicle’s high levels of torque and stronger acceleration forces. The sidewall is the same pattern and velvet finish marks as the tire used on Formula E race cars.

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When it becomes available in the U.S. in the third quarter of 2021, the Michelin Pilot Sport EV tires will be offered in six sizes. It’ll be compatible with wheels ranging from 18- to 22 inches in diameter. Michelin aims to increase sales of EV-focused tires by a factor of eight by 2024. The company has also pledged to cut its carbon emissions by financing projects offsetting what’s being produced by tire production.

Written by Stefan Ogbac
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