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Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring updated for 2023: Auto lane changes, cleaner air, new interior choices

“Quiet Flight” is Lincoln’s latest directive, and it means that we get products that are more focused on the luxury and relaxing side of motoring, and not the sporty side. That’s not to say that modern Lincolns aren’t fun, they’s just geared more toward peace and comfort than adrenaline.

That’s likely one of the reasons why when Lincoln created a PHEV version of its products, the company used the term Grand Touring. The GT models are the top of the tree, but Lincoln didn’t want to add techie terms to its trims.

The entry-level Grand Touring model from Lincoln is the Corsair — a car we do like — is getting an update for the 2023 model year. All versions are getting updated, but since we’re focused on plugs here at EV Pulse, we’re going to address Grand Touring changes.

The Corsair is getting Lincoln’s hands-off driver assist system. Called ActiveGlide, version 1.2 of the system will automatically execute lane changes, perform in-lane positioning depending on the environment (such as a large truck in the adjacent lane), and utilize predictive speed assist.

If this sounds like Ford’s BlueCruise, you’d be correct in assuming the systems are similar. BlueCruise has been getting progressively better over time, but one thing that sets GM’s Super Cruise apart from the pack is the automatic lane changes. We’ll be looking forward to testing ActiveGlide 1.2.

The Corsair GT also gets a new and larger front grille with new wing-shaped daytime running lights. On the GT the grille features a sundown satin metallic foil and blue accents.

“Evolving the design of the popular Corsair was an exciting challenge, and our team accomplished this in a unique and dynamic way,” said Kemal Curic, global design director, Lincoln. “With the new Corsair we are offering a glimpse into Lincoln’s new exterior design language and introducing new and more youthful colors and materials to offer more ways for our clients make their vehicle their own.”

There are two new interior treatments available, called Smoked Truffle and Eternal Red, to add to the experience when driving the Corsair.

Lincoln says that the Smoked Truffle is the first Lincoln vehicle in the lineup featuring a truffle color, while as you can image the Eternal Red features a lot of the color red.

There’s also a new optional Auto Air Refresh inside the cabin of the Corsair. The system, like inspired some by the recent pandemic, uses a laser sensor to read pollutants in the air and can automatically refresh the air through the cabin filter. The entire air in the cabin can be refreshed 1.5 times per minute.

The Corsair Grand Touring is powered by a 2.5-liter Atkinson cycle 4-cylinder engine mated to a battery-electric hybrid system. It makes 266 horsepower combined. The Grand Touring sends power to all four wheels via a CVT automatic transmission.

Lincoln isn’t talking fuel economy or all-electric range yet, but expect it to be similar to the current Corsair’s 78 MPGe combined and 28 miles of EV range.

We’ll know pricing closer to launch, and you can order one now. They’re built at Ford’s Louisville Assembly Plant in, you guess it, Louisville, Kentucky. They’ll arrive in showrooms early next year.

Written by Chad Kirchner
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