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Joe Sholtes is the Johnny Lightningseed of F-150 Lightning clubs

Joe Sholtes, a once devoted Chevrolet enthusiast, experienced a pivotal change in his automotive preferences in 2017 upon test driving an EcoBoost-powered F-150 pickup, marking the beginning of his journey with Ford’s lineup of trucks. This shift in allegiance was further solidified with Ford’s announcement in 2021 of an electric F-150 model that promised even greater power. Sholtes’s interest in the electric truck was driven by its performance capabilities, which he hadn’t anticipated in a pickup.

Upon acquiring the F-150 Lightning, Sholtes discovered its multifunctionality beyond just transportation. A notable feature, the Pro Power Onboard, allowed the Sholtes family and their community to use the truck as a mobile power source during a blackout, highlighting the vehicle’s utility in emergencies.

Beyond his personal use of the F-150 Lightning, Sholtes has contributed significantly to the electric vehicle (EV) community by founding the Lightning Clubs of America. This organization serves as a platform for F-150 Lightning owners to connect and share experiences. The club’s rapid growth into nine regional chapters and its reach of over 900 members in North America underscore the substantial interest and enthusiasm in the EV space, particularly among F-150 Lightning owners.

The club has engaged in notable activities, including organizing a world-record attempt for the first electric flight powered by electric vehicles, utilizing the F-150 Lightning’s exportable power feature. Additionally, select club members participate in an “early access” program with Ford, providing feedback on software updates before they are released to the broader customer base.

As the clubs expanded, Sholtes, affectionately known as “Joe Lightning,” recognized the need for additional leadership to manage the growing interest and activities of the regional chapters. His efforts now include identifying and recruiting F-150 Lightning owners who share his enthusiasm and commitment to lead and nurture these communities.

Written by EV Pulse Staff

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