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Hyundai’s eco-focused, electrified lineup expands to 10 cars by 2022

Hyundai is working on a dual-prong approach to electrification. In some vehicles, they’re investing heavily in batter-electric technology. In other areas, the company sees value in hydrogen. Regardless, the company continuing to go green in a big way, including an expansion of its electrification efforts.

By the end of 2022, there will be 10 cars in the company’s eco lineup. That’s a combination of hybrid, plug-in hybrid, full-electric, and hydrogen vehicles.

“We’re not only developing the vehicles our customers need now, we’re also envisioning smart mobility solutions for pressing environmental and transportation needs of the future. Ultimately, this full spectrum of new technologies will promote a planet-friendly, zero-emission ecosystem as part of our ‘Progress for Humanity’ global vision.” said Olabisi Boyle, vice president of Product Planning and Mobility Strategy, Hyundai Motor North America.

Hyundai’s 2022 eco lineup. Photo credit: Hyundai

In addition to the vehicles you already know about, like the Nexo fuel cell and the Tucson and Santa Fe plug-ins, there will also be two new BEV additions in the form of the Ioniq 5 SUV and Ioniq 6.

Expect to hear a lot more about Hyundai’s electrification strategy over the next year.

Written by Chad Kirchner
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