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Good News! The Dacia Spring EV gets pricing in Germany

While the United States still doesn’t have what we’d consider a mass-market, affordable EV, our friends in Europe are being inundated with new affordable options. One of those options is the Dacia Spring. We now know how much it’ll cost in Germany.

Carscoops has all the details. Pricing starts at €10,920 after government grants. That’s for the entry level Comfort trim level, and translates to $12,995 in old money. Without the grant, as the United States doesn’t offers grants in that way, the car carries a €20,490 ($24,384) MSRP without it.

The upgraded Comfort Plus model is priced at €12,220 ($14,542) with the government grant, or €21,790 ($25,931) without it.

Both Dacia Spring models have a 44 hp electric motor that makes 92 lb-ft of torque. It has a combined city and highway range of 143 miles on the more optimistic European WLTP test cycle. Performance is lackluster at 19.1 seconds to 62 mph and it has a top speed of just 78 mph.

That being said, it has more doors than the Mini Cooper S E, and likely similar highway range as the Mini. The Mini, in U.S. money, starts at $30,750 with delivery and is rated at 110 miles under U.S. metrics. Also, during our time with it, hitting 110 miles was easy.

Even without any incentives the Dacia Spring is significantly less money in the U.S. if the currency is directly converted, and it’s too bad that we can’t get more small EVs here yet.

But if you’re interested in the least expensive EV in Europe, head to your Dacia dealership.

Written by Chad Kirchner
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