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GMC, EarthCruiser team up to create overland-ready EVs

GMC and EarthCruiser Overland Vehicles have announced a collaboration, teasing a Hummer EV overlander concept that will be fully unveiled in late summer 2023. As part of the team-up, GMC will collaborate with EarthCruiser’s R&D division (EarthCruiser Innovations) to design and develop a next-generation overland uplift solution for EVs. That solution will be integrated onto the Hummer EV pickup and that will be the concept debuting later this summer.

GMC is no stranger to creating purpose-built vehicles for the off-road market. In 2019, it introduced the AT4 sub-brand, launching the Sierra AT4X in 2022. More recently, it added the Canyon AT4X, an advanced off-road midsize truck. But the automaker is investing into an all-electric future that is evident with its three all-electric truck offerings. In fact, GMC is the first and only brand to offer three: the Hummer EV pickup, Hummer EV SUV, and Sierra EV Denali.

EarthCruiser will contribute to the partnership with its engineering expertise in the overland and off-road vehicle development space. The company is known for its lineup of EC Terranova, EarthCruiser EXP, and FX overland vehicles, as well as its CORE line.

If you have never heard of overlanding, Wikipedia actually has a decent definition: “Overlanding or 4WD Touring is self-reliant overland travel to remote destinations where the journey is the principal goal. Typically, but not exclusively, it is accomplished with mechanized off-road capable transport (from bicycles to trucks) where the principal form of lodging is camping, often lasting for extended lengths of time (months to years) and spanning international boundaries.” Overlanding has grown in popularity over the recent years in the U.S., and as you can tell, there are several aftermarket companies dedicated to the industry.

“EarthCruiser designs its vehicles to thrive in the most extreme, toughest environments imaginable,” said EarthCruiser CEO/Founder Lance Gillies. “From the Australian Outback to the Alaskan wilderness and everywhere in between, an EarthCruiser was made to tackle tough terrain. As we consider the future of overlanding, we are continuing to look toward key technologies like electrification that will help us explore for decades to come. Electrification presents exciting opportunities for overland use, such as precise torque control over terrain and ease-of-use, in addition to zero-tailpipe emissions. We’re thrilled to be working with GM’s team of top-tier EV engineers and look to develop an overland vehicle that’s truly made for, and will define, the future of this industry.”

Written by Jason Siu

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