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Fisker Ocean fire sale: Should you buy one?

Along with the news surrounding the New York International Auto Show (or perhaps lack of news around it), we’re learning that Fisker is making a big move to sell its Ocean SUVs. It’s basically put it on a fire sale.

Today you can purchase yourself a new Fisker Ocean at up to a 39% discount over yesterday’s price.

Ocean pricing breakdown

  • Ocean Sport: $24,999 ($14,000 discount)
  • Ocean Ultra:  $52,999 ($18,000 discount)
  • Ocean Extreme: $37,499 ($24,000 discount)

At $24,999 (pre-delivery), that makes the Fisker Ocean Sport the cheapest new EV you can buy today in the United States, and one of the cheapest new cars. Period.

Sure, Marques Brownlee said it’s “Worst Car I’ve Ever Reviewed” — and he just reviewed the VinFast VF8, so that’s saying something — and the company is likely going to be bankrupt in days, but a cheap car is a cheap car.

We haven’t reviewed one yet here, but not due to a lack of trying.

Should you buy one?

The Fisker Ocean is a screaming hot deal, even if the car is terrible. That should make it a “yes” but we’re going to have to say…


When the company goes bankrupt or completely out of business, your car will no longer receive software updates. There will be extreme difficulty in finding replacement parts.  There is no way we could possibly recommend the car to literally anyone.

Which is, of course, why we want to buy one. Think of the content!

There should be more competition in the EV space in the United Space, and a cheaper EV is definitely what the market needs. Too bad it comes via a company that’s heading to the great automotive graveyard in the sky.

Written by Chad Kirchner
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