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Fisker and Wallbox partner to make home EV charging even easier

Making the switch to an EV household is not without its hurdles. Beyond choosing the right EV, there are considerations to be made about charging infrastructure both locally and at home. Fisker is working to try and make this process a bit easier by partnering with Wallbox for the launch of its new Ocean electric SUV.

Starting in November 2022, Fisker is going to offer Ocean buyers in the US, Canada, and several European markets the opportunity to purchase a Wallbox charger directly. This essentially provides an OEM buying experience to bundle a charger with your new EV. For the North American folks, that means access to the Wallbox Pulsar Plus, one of the smallest Level 2 chargers available on the market. With a unit size of just under eight-inches square, and a depth of just four-inches, the Pulsar will fit in even the most cramped of garages.

For folks in the European markets, you will be able to snag the slightly larger, but Smart Charge Points Regulations compliant Pulsar Max. This new partnership makes Fisker the first OEM to offer the Pulsar Max. Just like in North America, the Pulsar Max will be available to reservation holders of the Ocean electric SUV starting in November. Supported launch markets include The UK, Sweden, Norway, Germany, France, Denmark and Austria.

With this new partnership, all the chargers will feature special branding with both Fisker and Wallbox logos. To make the transition one step easier still, Wallbox will also offer installation services to buyers who choose a charger that requires dedicated wiring.

We don’t have any official pricing yet for these branded chargers, but we do know what Wallbox currently chargers for their direct sales. In the UK, the Pulsar Max starts at £639.00 while US buyers can currently buy a Pulsar Plus starting at $649.00 for the 40A model.

Written by Christian Moe

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