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FCA is participating in virtual CES 2021 with a unique interactive experience

CES 2021

With CES going digital this year because of COVID, automakers are finding unique and innovative ways to participate in the event while still staying safe. For FCA, it’s taking advantage of augmented reality and Google’s cloud-streaming technology.

There will be three-dimensional product tours. Virtual Brand Ambassadors will work with visitors, guiding them through interactive experiences and visuals.

The Jeep Wrangler 4xe will be there, digitally, in full augmented reality.

A total of 12 FCA vehicles will be part of the experience, and there’ll be deep dives on FCA technology. Areas that will be covered include;

  • Uconnect 5
  • Science labs, including a wind tunnel and 4-post shaker
  • Advanced drive simiulator
  • Vehicle electrification systems
  • Vehicle performance capabilities

It’ll be like you’re really there! Well, not exactly. But these interactive experiences should provide visitors with a unique way to explore what’s happening and educate them along the way.

Virtual CES 2021 goes from January 11 through January 14.

Written by Chad Kirchner
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