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Electrification of recreational vehicles takes a leap forward with Harbinger’s latest delivery

Harbinger, an automotive manufacturer based in Southern California, recently completed its initial delivery of a customer chassis to THOR Industries, a leading entity in the recreational vehicle (RV) sector globally. THOR Industries is recognized as the largest manufacturer of RVs worldwide, owning a collection of companies dedicated to this market. The delivery signifies Harbinger’s foray into providing electric chassis specifically designed for RV applications, marking a significant step towards the electrification of the RV industry.

John Harris, CEO of Harbinger Motors, highlighted the significance of this delivery to THOR as setting a new benchmark for the future of recreational vehicles. Emphasizing the collaborative effort with THOR, Harris pointed out Harbinger’s dedication to leading-edge engineering and commitment to environmental conservation. The electric chassis, assembled at Harbinger’s facilities in Garden Grove, California, was sent to THOR’s US Innovation Lab located in Elkhart, Indiana. Here, it is anticipated to undergo further development into an electrified class A RV, a move that aligns with the exploration of new product designs.

Harbinger’s approach not only focuses on the RV market but also aims at electrifying a broad spectrum of medium-duty vehicles, commonly used in e-commerce delivery. According to Harris, the company’s strategy is geared towards providing sustainable vehicle options, tapping into a considerable market potential that fosters a transition towards more eco-friendly and innovative transportation solutions.

The collaboration between Harbinger and THOR has been over a year in the making, focusing on the electrification of RVs. A strategic partnership was previously announced, with Harbinger’s electric medium-duty platform identified as a critical component in THOR’s eMobility innovation strategy for North America. THOR also emerged as a principal investor in Harbinger’s Series A funding round, facilitating the commercial rollout of Harbinger’s vehicles.

McKay Featherstone, THOR Senior Vice President of Global Innovation, expressed THOR’s commitment to pioneering in the electrification of recreational travel. Featherstone highlighted the significance of Harbinger’s partnership in introducing groundbreaking, sustainable technologies to the RV market. This collaboration is not just a business venture but a mutual commitment to providing future RV users with advanced, environmentally friendly solutions.

This venture into electrification by Harbinger and THOR represents a broader aim to diversify into specialty vehicle markets, offering sustainable alternatives to traditional RVs. Both companies are keen on developing quieter, more eco-conscious vehicles, promising an innovative shift in recreational travel.

Written by EV Pulse Staff

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