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Canoo shows off pickup truck concept and its awesome

Canoo has officially revealed its all-electric pickup at the Motor Press Guild’s Virtual Media Day and it comes packing with many cool, helpful features that’ll come in handy for work and play. The truck’s design looks similar to the first model that Canoo introduced, the podlike car simply called the Lifestyle Vehicle. The pickup has a similar front fascia design but it’s been raised for additional ground clearance.

Quite possibly the most unique features of Canoo’s pickup truck are the ones that add extra utility. The six-foot bed, for example, can extend to increase its overall length to eight feet. A swiveling tailgate makes sure you can also lengthen the bed’s sides to match the floor. Both sides of the bed also turn into workbenches with easy access to outlets while a set of dividers allows you to divide the space as needed. Up front, you’ll find a small frunk and a folding work table. A small storage box positioned under the side steps provides more space for your equipment. Should you need more utility for your pickup truck, Canoo also offers a roof rack. If you’re going out into the wilderness, there’s also an available camper shell and a roof-mounted tent.

The Canoo pickup truck will be on a dedicated EV platform that makes sure every component is as flat as possible. That limits protrusions into the cabin, giving it more space and a smaller footprint. Steer-by-wire and other tech features that save space Single- or dual-motor configurations will be offered with the latter generating an estimated 600 hp and 550 lb-ft of torque. On a charge, the Canoo pickup is estimated to travel around 200 miles. The total payload capacity is 1,800 pounds. The pickup truck will be the third vehicle in Canoo’s lineup.

Written by Stefan Ogbac
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