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BMW iX powered by ONE Gemini battery goes over 608 miles on a single charge

In a groundbreaking advancement for electric vehicle technology, Michigan-based energy storage company Our Next Energy (ONE) has unveiled its innovative Gemini dual-chemistry battery, achieving an unprecedented 608.1 miles on a single charge in a BMW iX. This feat, confirmed under the Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP), marks a significant stride in EV range capabilities.

The Gemini battery’s unique dual-chemistry design integrates two distinct cell types, leveraging lithium iron phosphate (LFP) cells for daily use, covering up to 150 miles, and anode-free cells for extended trips, adding 450 miles. This combination, linked by ONE’s proprietary high-efficiency DC-to-DC converter, demonstrates a synergistic approach to energy storage, effectively doubling the range of current EVs.

Mujeeb Ijaz, CEO and founder of ONE, emphasized the importance of this development in accelerating EV adoption, noting that extended range is pivotal for consumers considering an EV as their primary vehicle. In addition to range enhancement, the Gemini battery significantly reduces the usage of lithium, graphite, nickel, and cobalt, presenting a more sustainable and cost-effective solution in energy storage.

ONE’s collaboration with BMW Group involves the integration of Gemini technology into the BMW iX, an all-electric Sports Activity Vehicle. BMW i Ventures, the automaker’s venture capital arm based in Silicon Valley, has also invested in ONE.

Following this breakthrough, ONE is focusing on further refinements to prepare the Gemini technology for commercialization. Efforts include enhancing the DC-to-DC converter’s efficiency, developing advanced control algorithms for the range-extender cells, and ongoing battery validation and cell development, aiming to optimize range and prepare for a full production program.

Written by Chad Kirchner

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