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Axalta’s color of the year is ElectroLight: It’s what plants crave

Axalta, a supplier of liquid and powder coatings, has revealed its 2021 Global Automotive Color of the Year. Called ElectroLight, this yellow-green hue hearkens toward the move toward electrification and eco-friendly motoring. Axalta also notes that the ElectroLight color has been formulated with reflective properties, allowing Lidar and radar systems to see it easier.

“Offering innovative products that are ahead of the curve is what we live and breathe every day at Axalta,” said Senior Vice President Hadi Awada. “ElectroLight is another step toward illuminating a path for a green future for all types of vehicles, including autonomous vehicles. Formulated with mobility-sensing technology, ElectroLight combines a passion for individualization with coating science into a functional, expressive, and dynamic color.”

Although white remains the most popular car color, Axalta projects that all bold colors are gaining momentum. “Our 2021 color evokes sustainability, happiness, and safety. ElectroLight is at the forefront of today’s color trends while anticipating emerging technology advances,” said Axalta global product manager of color Nancy Lockhart. “Consumers are looking for a breakout color and ElectroLight manifests this while bringing a progressive approach to automotive styling and design.”

The advent of electrification and autonomous vehicles inspired the creation of the ElectroLight color. This hue highlights the versatility of electrified vehicles and their ability to work for all kinds of automotive applications. ElectroLight also highlights the move toward eco-minded color themes and trends, something Axalta predicted last year with its 2020 Global Automotive Color of the Year, a green-blue shade called Sea Glass. ElectroLight is the second Axalta Global Color of the Year to have green influences.

(Editor’s note: Axalta has nothing to do with the movie Idiocracy, where this post’s title comes from. Thanks to contributor Evan Williams for the brain worm, though.)

Written by Stefan Ogbac
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