Best 12-volt coolers for taking your Tesla camping

Camping season is upon us and if you want to camp in your Tesla electric car you’re not alone. Many Tesla owners are putting down the back seats, setting up a mattress and climbing in for the night. #RVLife is a thing and you don’t need an RV to get out, hit the open road […]

by Robbi Hess
Best floor mats for the Tesla Model Y

Your Tesla Model Y electric vehicle is the car of your dreams, right? If you want to protect your investment as well as the interior of the vehicle, you may want to invest in floor mats for it. The Tesla manufacturer equips the vehicle with carpeted floor mats and while those are all right for […]

by Robbi Hess
The best replacement windshield wipers for your Tesla

The last thing you want to think about when you’re caught in a sudden downpour when you’re out cruising in your Tesla. Windshield wipers, though, are typically not something a driver gives much thought to – until you need to use them and they don’t perform as they should. Whether your beef with windshield wipers […]

by Robbi Hess
Should you get a screen protector for your Tesla Model 3?

Do you grimace when you look at your phone screen and notice fingerprints? If the first thing you do when you pick up your phone is wipe them off  –  you will be well-served using a screen protector for your Tesla Model 3 touchscreen. Imagine getting into your vehicle and being greeted by a screen […]

by Robbi Hess
We need to stop advertising peak charging speed for electric vehicles

Electric vehicles, while looking similar to their gas powered counterparts, work differently. There is a big battery on board that powers an electric motor. Recharging that battery, on the surface, works a lot like recharging an ICE vehicle. When you pull into a charging station, after enabling the charging station (which you don’t have to […]

by Chad Kirchner
U.S. News releases its Best Hybrid, Best Plug-In Hybrid, and Best EV awards for 2021

Over the past couple of years, the new car marketplace in the United States has grown significantly with regards to fully electric vehicles, plug in hybrids, and regular hybrid electric vehicles. Deciding which one to purchase can be a daunting process, which is why U.S. News & World Report creates a list each year of […]

by Chad Kirchner
3 reasons why you need floor mats for your Tesla Model 3

No one is allowed to eat in this writer’s car, but that doesn’t mean my car is spotless and hospital-sterile. Food may not be allowed, but I do have furry passengers — three cats and three dogs, to be exact. Sure I can lift all but one of the pets, but that doesn’t mean they […]

by Robbi Hess
Which home charger or Level 2 charger should I buy for my Tesla?

You’ve decided that Tesla is the electric vehicle for you, but which home charger should you buy? While Tesla sells its own charging equipment, there are other lots of other options to consider. Here’s a breakdown of how EV charging works and how quickly the different chargers can charge your Tesla so you can decide […]

by Nicole Wakelin
It’s time for the government to come down on Tesla and “Full Self Driving” before more people die

It’s time for some government intervention. Before I get accused of a being a bleeding heart liberal who wants government control of everything, I think there’s a time and place for government, but it also doesn’t need to be all up in my business all the time. One of the places where I think regulation […]

by Chad Kirchner
Former NHTSA Chairman compares Tesla “FSD” to the Boeing 737 Max debacle

A March 11 traffic accident in Detroit involving a 2021 Tesla Model Y and a tractor trailer has garnered a fair amount of attention as much for what occurred as what might have occurred.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has launched a Special Crash Investigation team to investigate the incident. Initial analysis of […]

by Eileen Falkenberg-Hull