Did Rivian just reveal the efficiency of the R1T and R1S electric vehicles? Maybe

Update: Rivian announced EPA-rated range for the R1S (316 miles) and the R1T (314 miles) Launch Edition models. To see the updated efficiency information, check it out here. Rivian just announced its Rivian Adventure Network, which is a series of DC fast chargers located throughout the country. Additionally, the company also showed off its Rivian […]

by Chad Kirchner
Rivian to install EV chargers at Colorado State Parks, expanding network for outdoors enthusiasts

Rivian has announced that it will install EV charging stations at all 42 Colorado state parks. The brand will pay for all of the costs after the proposal was unanimously approved by the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission. Backers noted that this move is a big step toward achieving the state’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions Roadmap, […]

by Stefan Ogbac
Rivian introducing Rivian Guides program to provide one-on-one support through entire ownership

When Tesla introduced its buying method to the public, it was hailed as a stress-free alternative to traditional dealership sales. While there is a Tesla sales representative that can help you through the process, most of the support and after sales hand holding is done through ownership clubs and support communities. Rivian understands that buyers, […]

by Chad Kirchner
18 new or updated EVs coming to market in 2021

The year 2021 will be a major one for battery-electric vehicles. Automakers will start releasing their opening salvo of dedicated EVs, signaling the continued move toward electrification across both mainstream and luxury segments. Most of these vehicles are rated for over 200 miles of range or are expected to go longer than that on a […]

by Stefan Ogbac
Gas-powered pickup truck vs. electric pickup truck: Which should you buy?

Being an electric vehicle focused site, it would seem to make sense that when you’re looking for a new vehicle, you should choose an electric offering. But is that blanket advice good across the board? Does it apply to pickup trucks? When looking at an electric pickup truck, you have to realize that none are […]

by Chad Kirchner
Rivian closes another round of funding

Rivian is gearing up for launch of its R1T pickup truck and R1S crossover. The electric offerings should be coming within a year, and the company is going to need to spend some cash to make it a success. Cash, however, isn’t a problem for Rivian because it has managed to secure another round of […]

by Chad Kirchner
Looking Ahead: EV Pulse Canada looks forward to driving these vehicles in 2021

Now that you’ve heard from the American contributors about what they’re looking forward to driving the most in 2021, we thought we’d ask the same of our Canadian compatriots up north. Between hockey and maple syrup consumption, you might wonder when our Canadian friends even have time to drive cars. We’re fortunate, though, to have […]

by Evan Williams
Rivian powers holiday lights display from the new R1T electric pickup

We’re in the middle of holiday season and the end of the year 2020 is on the horizon. To help celebrate this year, which has been anything but normal, Rivian invited the families of the workers in Normal, Illinois to come out and check out the truck. In the holiday spirit, though, there was a […]

by Chad Kirchner
Rivian announces adventure-focused vehicle charging network

As off-road fans ourselves, we were excited to hear about the first electric pickups a few years back. Though one of the first concerns was charging on the trail. How could you ever take your EV truck to off the beaten path and be assured you’d have enough energy to get home or to the […]

by Samanthan Rutherford
Rivian acquires new sales and marketing vice president to help launch brand

Rivian is getting closer and closer to selling its first electric SUV and electric pickup truck, and the company is going to need the right person to make that happen. So they picked up one of the best in the business, Laura Schwab. According to Automotive News, Schwab started today as the vice president of […]

by Chad Kirchner