Watch: Charge Across America EV rally is underway right now

Charge Across America is a cross-country EV rally where 5 teams are competing for glory—- and a $10,000 prize — while helping promote the usability of modern EVs, while also highlighting areas that need improved. The rally is currently still going on, and a full documentary of the experience will air on network television. We […]

by Chad Kirchner
Bugatti Rimac has officially started operations

Bugatti Rimac, the company that was formed as the result of a joint venture by Porsche, has officially started doing business. Headquartered in Zagreb, Croatia, Mate Rimac, the founder and CEO of Rimac Automobili will serve as the new entity’s CEO starting this week. The Rimac Group will be the majority shareholder in Bugatti Rimac […]

by Stefan Ogbac
Porsche Mission R Concept is an all-electric, sustainably-built race car

The Porsche Mission R Concept has been unveiled at the 2021 Munich auto show and it’s essentially a sustainably-built race car. You won’t mistake it for anything else but a Porsche because it features the brand’s iconic design language and hints at what its production counterpart could look like. Even with the giant wing, decals, […]

by Stefan Ogbac
2022 Porsche Taycan gains Paint to Sample, heritage colors, and new tech

The 2022 Porsche Taycan gets several meaningful updates to improve the quality of life and driving experience. Quite possibly one of the most important ones is the addition of Android Auto compatibility to the PCM interface. However, you must plug your phone into the USB-C port. Porsche has also improved the voice commands so that […]

by Stefan Ogbac
Porsche teases new concept car ahead of Munich debut

Porsche has announced that it will be showing a new concept car at the 2021 Munich auto show. The brand has described this as a “future-oriented concept study” meaning it’s likely going to become a production vehicle later down the line. Based on the sole teaser photo released on social media, this car is all-electric […]

by Stefan Ogbac
Bugatti Rimac is the new joint venture co-owned by Porsche

Porsche, Bugatti and Rimac have joined forces to create a new venture called Bugatti Rimac. This is the result of two brands coming together to form a company specializing in hypercars and partially under the umbrella of one of the most icon automotive brands. In a short time, Rimac has grown from a small startup […]

by Stefan Ogbac
Porsche invests in battery development and in-house production near Weissach

Porsche has announced that it has partnered with Customcells to manufacture batteries at its Weissach Development Center. The joint venture will result in a company called Cellforce Group GmbH and is Porsche’s continued push for leadership in electrification. The federal state of Baden-Württemberg will be contributing to the project with 60 million euros or $71.3 […]

by Stefan Ogbac
Porsche starts on-road development of the Macan EV

Porsche has started the Macan EV’s on-road development phase. This comes after the crossover underwent rigorous testing inside the Porsche Development Center in Weissach, Germany. By the time the Macan EV makes its world premiere in 2023, it will have covered 1.8 million test miles as it gets put through various testing conditions including extreme […]

by Stefan Ogbac
2021 Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo first drive review: The greatest car… in the world?

It’s unlikely that Porsche set out to build the perfect car when it kicked off the Taycan program — back then it was called Mission E — but it’s come about as close as any auto company ever has in the Taycan 4 Cross Turismo. In the vein of a Volvo Cross Country, or an […]

by Bradley Brownell
2021 Porsche Taycan Turbo S track review: Tackling Porsche’s Experience Center Los Angeles

Performance is key to Porsche’s DNA. Every one of its vehicles, regardless of what’s powering it, must be capable on a track and a winding road. It gives their cars an identity, a distinguishing factor that you won’t mistake for anything else. Driving the Taycan Turbo S at the Porsche Experience Center in Los Angeles […]

by Stefan Ogbac