EV 101: Can the Nissan Leaf use a Tesla Supercharger charging station?

Maybe you’re thinking about getting a new Nissan Leaf. There are some great deals to be had out there. But you’re probably wondering where you’re going to be able to plug in and charge out on the road. You’ve probably noticed Tesla’s Superchargers everywhere. Surely you should be able to plug your electric car into […]

by Chad Kirchner
Will the Walmart Black Friday TV fit in my electric car?

Despite the pandemic and economic uncertainty that comes with it, the holiday shopping season is upon us. That means that the day after Thanksgiving in the United States, people will be flocking to stores and online to get holiday deals. While many will shop online this year because of the pandemic, some may mask up […]

by Chad Kirchner
Alternating Currents: An ode to the electric beater

My automotive experience has been, since the moment I turned 16 years of age, a revolving door of inexpensive knockaround machines that served their purpose in the moment; a 400,000 mile Pontiac Grand Prix, a Crown Victoria with a rusty frame, a Ford Aspire missing fourth gear, back seats, and a back window. Even my […]

by Bradley Brownell
All of the electric vehicles on sale today: November 2020 edition

The list of electric vehicles available to buy is growing rapidly with 15 models available from nine major automakers today. That number is set to grow before the end of the year (Ford Mustang Mach-E) and will expand even further by the end of 2021. Last year one in 20 new vehicles sold globally is […]

by Samanthan Rutherford
Used EV buying guide: 7 tips and tricks for finding your dream electric vehicle

So you want an Electric Vehicle, but the sticker shock of a brand-new one has you looking elsewhere? Why not a used EV? As sales continue to grow, more and more previously charged electric vehicles are becoming available, especially in states that have been offering big incentives on new ones for years. A new type […]

by Evan Williams
2021 Nissan Ariya photo gallery

Nissan is bringing their electric crossover, the Ariya, to the United States in 2021. It’ll be an important launch for the brand—- they have thebestsellingg EV in the world but no crossover — and it’ll give us an idea into the future of Nissan’s electrification strategy. We’ve compiled a photo gallery of all of the […]

by Chad Kirchner
Colorado Nissan dealership offering $39/month Nissan Leaf deals

Do you fancy yourself driving an electric car but don’t want to spend the money on one? There’s a Nissan dealership in Colorado right now that has an offering you might not be able to refuse. Empire Lakewood Nissan is currently offering a $39/month lease on the standard range Nissan Leaf S. Yes, it’s the […]

by Chad Kirchner
Upcoming Nissan 400Z Nismo might include electrification: Report

One of the issues we pointed out with the Nissan Z Proto when it debuted was there was a lack of any electrification option. For a car that might be around for a decade or more, that seems like an overlooked feature. Apparently, it’s still possible. In an interview with Australia’s Motoring publication, the Chief […]

by Chad Kirchner
Nissan Z Proto missing something big for a 21st century project

Last night, Z fans around the world waited with baited breath to see the new Nissan Z Proto. After browsing social media this morning, it seems like most people are satisfied with the concept. But it’s missing something. Is it wrong to bring up the lack of any alternative powertrain options on a new sports […]

by Chad Kirchner
Automakers need their own EV social media superstars

When working on building this very site, there became a need to create a list of people who work with brands and companies that talk about EVs online. For companies like Tesla, that’s easy. You just add Elon Musk to the list. Trevor Milton at Nikola also makes sense. It quickly became apparent that very […]

by Chad Kirchner