2023 Mazda CX-60 PHEV previews a new plug-in hybrid system

Mazda has finally taken the wraps off its first vehicle on the new rear-drive-based architecture, the CX-60. Arriving in Europe later this year, the CX-60 is the first of four crossovers on the new large vehicle platform called the Skyactiv Scalable Architecture. It also previews the plug-in hybrid powertrain that’s coming to the CX-70 and […]

by Stefan Ogbac
Mazda CX-60 PHEV interior teased ahead of upcoming reveal

One more teaser of the Mazda CX-60 PHEV has been released. This time, we get a glimpse of the crossover’sinterior, which looks like an evolution of what you find in the CX-5 and the upcoming CX-50. As before, it doubles down on taking inspiration from Japanese culture and heritage. Mazda says that it used the […]

by Stefan Ogbac
Mazda CX-60 PHEV to debut on March 8 with over 300 hp

The first of Mazda’s so-called “Large Product Group” has been teased and it appears to be similar in size to the CX-5. The 2023 Mazda CX-60 will be the Japanese brand’s first plug-in hybrid and based on what the teaser shot has shown us, it’ll be a compact crossover. It’ll feature the next evolution of […]

by Stefan Ogbac
Report: Did Mazda just patent a rotary hybrid powertrain?

Mazda has long been associated with the rotary engine. It was one of its distinguishing technologies when it first appeared on the Cosmo sports car. The engine eventually found its way to several vehicles including the legendary twin-turbocharged FD (fourth generation) RX-7. We last saw the rotary engine in the RX-8, which ended production in […]

by Stefan Ogbac
2022 Mazda MX-30 first drive review: The ‘Zoom Zoom’ of EVs, with one big caveat

During the presentation before driving the 2022 Mazda MX-30 near the company’s headquarters in Irvine, California, we were told that the MX-30 is a proper Mazda. We were told to expect driving dynamics similar to the company’s other models — possibly even Miata — with this front-drive EV. And while it’s definitely not as fun […]

by Chad Kirchner
Mazda to launch six crossovers starting next year

Mazda has announced that it will launch six new models globally starting next year and continuing through 2023. Every single model also happens to be a crossover and happens to be electrified in some form. This also launches the brand’s new nomenclature, which ranges from CX-50 to CX-90. Speaking of CX-50, that model will be […]

by Stefan Ogbac
2022 Mazda MX-30 EV has a 100-mile range, starts at $34,645

More details have finally been released on the 2022 Mazda MX-30 EV, the Japanese brand’s first battery-electric vehicle in the United States. The most important one is the range and it appears the subcompact crossover will get an EPA rating of 100 miles per charge. That’s on the low end of the spectrum along with […]

by Stefan Ogbac
Mazda MX-30 PHEV with rotary range extender on hold: Report

The Mazda MX-30 PHEV with a rotary engine as its range extender appears to have been delayed. According to a new report from Automotive News, the company has put its signature engine on the hold and doesn’t know when it will release it. Originally part of a multi-pronged electrification approach, the rotary engine was going […]

by Stefan Ogbac
Next generation Mazda MX-5 Miata is getting electrified: Report

The Mazda MX-5 Miata remains one of the most iconic sports cars today and it appears it will get electrification in the future. Citing a report from Japanese outlet Kuruma-news, Motor1 notes that Mazda discussed the future of its iconic roadster. Their source also notes that during Mazda’s recent announcement of its electrification strategy, reporters […]

by Stefan Ogbac
The series hybrid may just be the way to get consumers to embrace electrification

For most consumers, a battery-electric vehicle isn’t the most viable solution, especially if you don’t have a charger at home. Between range anxiety and the perceived inconvenience of charging, the majority of the U.S. population doesn’t see it as a feasible option just yet. But what if I told you that there’s a potential middle […]

by Stefan Ogbac