Alternating Currents: Stellantis needs Peugeot in the U.S. even if it doesn’t know it

The Stellantis merger deal is done, the dust has settled, and the giant international automaker Fiat Chrysler has merged with the giant international automaker Peugeot Société Anonyme. As the job of building cars for the world becomes ever more demanding and expensive, companies need to find economies of scale wherever they exist, and this merger […]

by Bradley Brownell
Maserati MC20 should’ve been electric from the start

Maserati‘s new supercar, the MC20, is a stunning looking thing and a modern interpretation of the Italian company’s take on going fast. Built in Italy, it sits as the new halo for the company’s performance. It has 630 hp and will hit 62 mph in under 3 seconds. The engine is made by Maserati, as […]

by Chad Kirchner