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Lucid Motors
Lucid Air Grand Touring Performance serves up 1,050 hp, 446 miles of range

The Lucid Air lineup has grown with the addition of a new model called the Grand Touring Performance. As its name suggests, this version is based on the Grand Touring trim, which can travel 516 miles per charge and has the longest range of any battery-electric vehicle now that the Dream Edition R is no […]

by Stefan Ogbac
2022 Lucid Air is officially the longest-range EV

The results are in and the 2022 Lucid Air has officially taken the longest-range crown from Tesla Model S Long Range by a significant margin. Of the six variants reported, the Air Dream Edition R with 19-inch alloy wheels can travel the farthest at 520 miles per charge according to the EPA, 115 miles more […]

by Stefan Ogbac
Lucid Air Dream Edition will be available in Performance and Range versions

Those looking to be among the first to get their hands on the Lucid Air will now get two different flavors to choose from. The brand has just announced that the limited-run Dream Edition will be available in Performance and Range configurations, each with their own unique take. First off is the Lucid Air Dream […]

by Stefan Ogbac
Alternating Currents: New year and new president brings new optimism

I know we’re just under three weeks into 2021, but this year feels like a really important one for electric propulsion. For at least the last five years I’ve been repeating this mantra over and over every January, but I swear there’s real change in the air right now. It’s not just hopeful optimism. There […]

by Bradley Brownell
Electrify America’s Plug&Charge tech strikes at the heart of Tesla’s Supercharger simplicity

Using a Tesla Supercharger is a seamless process. Simply connect the car to the charging cable, and as long as there is a credit card associated with the owner’s Tesla account, the car will start charging and the card will be billed appropriately. Up until now, Tesla was the only one who could provide that […]

by Chad Kirchner
Alternating Currents: President-elect Joe Biden to be Car Guy-in-Chief

In spite of best efforts by the Trump administration to curtail green energy growth in favor of coal and gas, the industry has blossomed over the last half decade or so. Not only has the cost to produce green energy fallen like a stone, but electric vehicles of all kinds are bridging the gap between […]

by Bradley Brownell
Elon Musk’s price change of the Tesla Model S electric vehicle is only partially related to Lucid Motors

Tesla recently announced another price drop on their Model S electric sedan. The base price is now $69,420. The primary competition is priced at $69,900 after the $7,500 tax credit. It’s easy to assume that Lucid Motors was the cause for the new price drop, now that it has announced pricing for its Air electric […]

by Chad Kirchner
Alternating Currents: Make more EV infrastructure, not EVs with longer range

The arms race for electric vehicle range is raging. With manufacturers like Lucid and Tesla jumping at the chance to offer high-dollar EVs packed with batteries delivering over 500 miles of range, it’s an exciting time to be following the electric car game. Potential new car buyers have listed range anxiety as one of the […]

by Bradley Brownell
Alternating Currents: American EV offerings need to embrace the working class

This week saw the launch of the Lucid Air, and while I love nearly everything about that car, I can’t reasonably stand behind its $170,000 price tag. That’s a lot of money, even for people who have a lot of money. The main general complaint I frequently hear about electric cars is that they’re exclusively […]

by Bradley Brownell
Lucid Air to get 113 kWh battery pack when it goes on sale next year

The Lucid Air is, at least according to the manufacturer, the first true luxury car designed from the ground up to be an electric vehicle. While surely Elon Musk would disagree, Lucid’s Air seems to tick the luxury boxes while offering the range and storage of an everyday runabout. Today Lucid announced that the Lucid […]

by Chad Kirchner