Lexus teases EV concept once more, announces debut of new models

Lexus took a moment during its 2020 sales announcement to tease us once more with a concept that’s supposed to become the brand’s first production battery-electric vehicle. We’re not sure what body style it is but it’s futuristic and swoopy. New styling cues on this car may preview the next evolution of Lexus’ design language […]

by Stefan Ogbac
Lexus debuts DIRECT4 drive control tech for hybrids, EVs

Lexus has revealed what it’s been working on with regards to electrification. Along with parent company Toyota, Lexus has been a leader in hybrid powertrains. Now, we know the next step in the form of DIRECT4, a new electric drive control unit designed specifically for use in next-generation hybrid and all-electric vehicles. How does DIRECT4 […]

by Stefan Ogbac
8 best sci-fi EVs we wish we could drive

Science fiction has always had its own take on what electric cars will look like once they’ve become the de facto mode of personal transportation for our planet (or any other). Generally, what we’ve seen on-screen has been divided into two specific camps: sleek shapes that appear as if they’ve been plucked directly from a […]

by Benjamin Hunting