Alternating Currents: The electric hot rod ushers in new era of performance

(Editor’s Note: Bradley Brownell brings his years of automotive experience to EV Pulse as our new weekly commentator. You’ve seen his work at Jalopnik, Flat Sixes, and others. We’re excited to bring his takes on electric to you each and every week.) Hot rodding has been deeply woven into the fabric of America’s love affair […]

by Bradley Brownell
Ford and Bosch team up for automated valet parking garage test

Finding a place to park in the city can be a huge pain in the rear. Once you find a garage, you have to find a parking space. If the garage is tiny, navigating the tight corners can be anxiety-inducing. Ford and Bosch are working on finding a solution to that problem. They’re partnering with […]

by Chad Kirchner