Chevrolet confirms that Silverado EV is coming after Hummer EV, built at Factory Zero facility

Chevrolet has confirmed that the next big EV reveal in line following the Hummer EV and SUV is the new EV version of the Chevrolet Silverado. It’ll be build at the Factory Zero facility in Detroit and Hamtramck, Michigan. Built on the Ultium platform, the new Silverado is expected to provide all of the capability […]

by Chad Kirchner
2022 Chevrolet Bolt EUV first drive review: Bolt, upgraded

Improving on an already successful formula is tough. You have to consider how to address what needs tweaking while fine-tuning the car’s strengths. Chevrolet was in this exact position with the original Bolt EV being a strong contender in its segment. How do you build on that goodness? You add a second version that’s roomier, […]

by Stefan Ogbac
2021 Chevrolet Bolt EV review: Do you need to wait for the new generation?

The Chevrolet Bolt EV was a pioneer when it arrived five years ago. It was one of the first battery electric vehicles to offer over 200 miles of range on a single charge. Since then, the Bolt EV received consistent updates including a 21-mile range increase to 259 miles for the 2020 model year. Is […]

by Stefan Ogbac
2021 Tesla Model Y Standard Range vs. 2022 Chevrolet Bolt EUV: Which one should you get?

Utility vehicles are getting electrified left and right, and Chevrolet has added an affordable one in the form of the 2022 Bolt EUV, which is a more rugged relative of the Bolt EV. Aimed directly at the Tesla Model Y, the Bolt EUV builds on what made the Bolt EV by adding more appeal and […]

by Stefan Ogbac
What you need to know about federal tax incentives for EVs

At the start of February, House Democrats introduced a new version of the GREEN Act which aims to revise the federal tax incentives for electric vehicle purchase, among other tax code revisions. If approved, the 2021 GREEN Act will open Tesla and GM to federal EV tax credits again.  Currently, qualifying electric vehicles are eligible […]

by Rebecca Bellan
Chevrolet introduces 2022 Bolt EUV crossover and updated 2022 Bolt EV hatchback

Debuting with Disney for Valentine’s Day, an updated Bolt EV hatchback and all new Bolt EUV crossover from Chevrolet is now ready to hit the street. Here’s what we know about the latest electrics from General Motors. “We want to put everyone in an EV and the new Bolt EUV and redesigned Bolt EV are crucial […]

by Chad Kirchner
18 new or updated EVs coming to market in 2021

The year 2021 will be a major one for battery-electric vehicles. Automakers will start releasing their opening salvo of dedicated EVs, signaling the continued move toward electrification across both mainstream and luxury segments. Most of these vehicles are rated for over 200 miles of range or are expected to go longer than that on a […]

by Stefan Ogbac
General Motors will offer only EVs from 2035 onward

General Motors has announced its commitment to zero emissions carbon neutrality by 2040. This includes ending production of all emissions-producing light vehicles by 2035 as the brand focuses on battery-electric technology. The company also signed the Business Ambition Pledge 1.5°C, which is a call to action for business and industry leaders to set science-based emissions […]

by Stefan Ogbac
Gas-powered pickup truck vs. electric pickup truck: Which should you buy?

Being an electric vehicle focused site, it would seem to make sense that when you’re looking for a new vehicle, you should choose an electric offering. But is that blanket advice good across the board? Does it apply to pickup trucks? When looking at an electric pickup truck, you have to realize that none are […]

by Chad Kirchner
History 101: 5 incredible early EVs you’ve likely forgotten about

Even casual car fans know about the GM EV1, long described as a pioneer in the world of electric vehicles. That recognition may come from the well-received 2006 documentary Who Killed the Electric Car? But what about the other early EVs that popped up in the late 1990s? Electric vehicles on sale today owe a […]

by Sami Haj-Assaad