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How-to charge a non-Tesla EV at a Tesla Supercharger

We’ve covered many times on this site that Tesla’s Supercharger network is only available to Tesla vehicles. For right now, that’s still mostly the case. But as non-Tesla carmakers switch to the Tesla NACS connector type, that’ll change.

But, if you’ve paid attention, you’ll know we’re at least a year away at the time of this how-to’s original publish date for that to start happening.

But you can charge a non-Tesla EV at SOME Tesla Superchargers. Here’s how to do just that.

Install the Tesla app on your phone

You’ll need to have the Tesla app on your phone, and you can get it from this link if you’re on Android and from this link if you’re in iOS.

Create a Tesla account

From within the newly installed Tesla app on your mobile device, you’ll need to create an account. This is extremely important because Tesla is going to ask for your payment information. Tesla must have your credit card on file in order to process payment for charging your EV.

Charge Your Non-Tesla

There’ll be an option on the homepage of the app called “Charge Your Non-Tesla.” You’ll open that, and it’ll show you a map and the location of nearby Tesla Superchargers that have the Magic Dock connector needed to charge a non-Tesla, CCS-equipped electric vehicle.

Choose your location

Select your location on the map and select “Charge Here.”

Select your charging post

The Tesla app needs to know what charging stall you’re located in, and it’s printed on the bottom of the charging stall. Select that one and click “Unlock Adapter.”

Connect your car

You’ll hear an audible click unlocking the charging adapter with the Magic Dock for you to connect to your vehicle. Remove the charger, with the additional dock, from the holder and connect your car.

Note: The Magic Dock is connected and can’t be disconnected. If you remove the charger from the holster and the Magic Dock isn’t connected, you’ll need to start the process over.

Charging will start automatically.

Monitor charging

The Tesla app on your phone will show you how quickly the car is charging, how much electricity it has sent to the car, and how much the charging session has cost. There’s no display on the Tesla Supercharger itself to show you this information.

End charging

To end your charging session, click “Stop Charging” in the app and wait for the session to end. You should hear your EV unlock the charging connector.

Remove the Tesla Magic Dock connector

You’ll need to press the button at the top of the Magic Dock in order to remove the charger from your EV.

After removing the charger, return it to its holster on the charging stall and you’re good to go.

Watch our step-by-step guide


Written by Chad Kirchner
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