Do I need winter tires for my EV?

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I hesitate to write this article because we are in the midst of summer and no one wants to think about snow and ice and treacherous roads, right? Well, that may not be true, especially if you’re in sweltering heat or humidity.

Winter will, unfortunately, be here before you know it and you may be asking yourself, “do I need winter tires for my EV?” The short answer is yes, the longer answer is reasons why and how to choose the best tires for your EV for winter driving.

Do I need winter tires for my EV?

There is a myriad of options for purchasing tires for electric vehicles and as with any purchase, comparison shop. You will find:

  1. All-season tires from Michelin
  2. All-terrain tires
  3. Mud tires
  4. Performance tires
  5. Tesla-specific tires. Tesla purists will definitely want to check out the four-tire package on the Tesla site.
  6. Low profile tires
  7. Winter tires
  8. EV tires? Perhaps there should be a specific category (I’ll explain why)

If you’re the driver of an electric vehicle one of the things you likely prize is the silence of the drive. They don’t bombard you with road noise and EVs have instant torque.

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These two benefits mean you will want to look for tires that are:

  1. Because the engine on your EV is silent you need tires to eliminate, not exaggerate road noise.
  2. Because the EV has instant torque you want tires that can stand up to that.
  3. This is because you need tires that can carry the extra weight EVs carry
  4. Drive range. When tire shopping you are also looking for tires that will extend your driving range, not hinder it. You want to go as far as possible on a charge.

Are you asking too much of your replacement tires? Factory tires and tire manufacturers like Michelin believe you’re not. Michelin carries a tire called the Energy E-V and it’s advertised as being “exclusively designed for use on EVs.” The tire touts these benefits:

  1. Forty percent less interior noise
  2. Twenty percent reduction in rolling resistance and that means you may get close to five more miles on your charge

These benefits are based on using non-electric vehicle-specific tires.

Are there ways to extend the life of your EV tire? There are and that’s ideal because tires on EVs tend to wear out much quicker than tires for non-EVs.

  1. Practice good driving habits – don’t accelerate too quickly
  2. Rely on regenerative braking
  3. Reduce the number of sharp turns
  4. Keep the tires at the correct tire pressure
  5. Make certain they are aligned

Expect to pay more for the tires for your electric vehicle – that’s all the more reason to take care of them to extend their life, right?

EVs are popular and are becoming more so each year; that may help to reduce the cost of tires for the EV. Don’t skimp on the tires because you invested in your EV for its torque and the silence of the ride.


Written by Robbi Hess
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