Cruise gets an influx of cash thanks to an investment from Microsoft

Microsoft announced that it is entering a long-term strategic relationship with Cruise to accelerate the development and commercialization of self-driving automobiles. The new investment comes with a check for $2 billion. “Our mission to bring safer, better and more affordable transportation to everyone isn’t just a tech race — it’s also a trust race,” said […]

by Chad Kirchner
BrightDrop is new GM business built to electrify delivery logistics

In the year that was 2020, the demand for delivery equipment increased significantly. Combine that growing demand with the desire to electrify this business, and you end up with BrightDrop. BrightDrop is a GM-owned business that will electrify the logistics and delivering goods and services. During her CES 2021 Keynote, GM CEO Mary Barra announced […]

by Chad Kirchner
GM’s new EV marketing strategy includes a new logo and invites “Everybody In”

General Motors is launching a new marking initiative to show off the range, flexibility, and performance of it’s EV platform called Ultium. Called “Everybody In,” it is supposed to set an opportunistic and inclusive tone for GM’s EV future. “There are moments in history when everything changes. Inflection points. We believe such a point is […]

by Chad Kirchner
Nikola Badger pickup truck dead, GM not taking equity stake in Nikola, Class 7 and 8 partnership to continue

For those wondering if there’d be any fallout from the craziness at Nikola, there is. The Nikola Badger electric pickup truck is dead. GM is no longer seeking an equity stake in the company. Nikola with still use GM’s fuel cell technology in its Class 7 and Class 8 trucks. Today Nikola signed a Memorandum […]

by Chad Kirchner
GM increases commitment to EVs, Ultium technology

By 2025, General Motors expects to have 30 electric vehicles launched worldwide, with more than two-thirds of those vehicles on sale in North America. With such lofty goals, GM gave us more details on how they expect to get there. Obviously, it’s going to require a lot of money. So much so, in fact, that […]

by Chad Kirchner
GM building Cadillac Lyriq and other EVs at Spring Hill plant in Tennessee

General Motors decided that the land of George Strait, after he left his exes, was the perfect place to build the upcoming Cadillac Lyriq and other electric vehicles. It’s such an optimal place, in fact, the company is spending $2 billion to transition the plant. “We are committed to investing in the U.S., our employees […]

by Chad Kirchner
Automakers need their own EV social media superstars

When working on building this very site, there became a need to create a list of people who work with brands and companies that talk about EVs online. For companies like Tesla, that’s easy. You just add Elon Musk to the list. Trevor Milton at Nikola also makes sense. It quickly became apparent that very […]

by Chad Kirchner