EV 101

EV 101
EV 101: Charging a T8-powered Volvo plug-in hybrid

In addition to Volvo‘s growing lineup of fully-electric vehicles, including the XC40 P8 Recharge, the company has plug-in hybrids at the top of the model range. It’s a smart move to make your high performance models plug-ins, as it prepares the use for future electrification. But how do you take advantage of that ability to […]

by Chad Kirchner
EV 101: How much it costs to charge an electric car

“How much DOES it cost to charge an EV?” In short, less than a gas car. Sometimes it can be free. It’s not incredibly straightforward, but we’ll break it down to help demystify the costs of charging an EV. Calculating charging costs In a sense, EVs operate somewhat similar to gas-powered vehicles in that owners fill […]

by Samanthan Rutherford
EV 101: Can the Nissan Leaf use a Tesla Supercharger charging station?

Maybe you’re thinking about getting a new Nissan Leaf. There are some great deals to be had out there. But you’re probably wondering where you’re going to be able to plug in and charge out on the road. You’ve probably noticed Tesla’s Superchargers everywhere. Surely you should be able to plug your electric car into […]

by Chad Kirchner