Plug-in home charging stations make level 2 charging easy and affordable

For most people planning to switch to an EV, home charging infrastructure is a major consideration. Depending on the style and specific brand of charger, getting ready to charge can involve contractors, electricians, and a substantial expense. However, a new generation of 240-volt home-based chargers are knocking down barriers to EV ownership. All you need […]

by Jeff Zurschmeide
Alternating Currents: EV apps for charging and route planning need to be simplified

At the risk of sounding like an old fuddy duddy, get-off-my-lawn type of guy, I’m going to use this space this week to vent a frustration about EV ownership. Charging needs to be simpler. I don’t mean the physical act of plugging a charge cable into your car’s charge port. I mean the ancillary practices […]

by Bradley Brownell