Samanthan Rutherford

Ensign Samanthan "Sam" Rutherford was a male Human Starfleet operations division junior officer with cybernetic implants who lived during the 2380s. He was assigned to the USS Cerritos engineering section and worked under Lieutenant Commander Andy Billups. (Source:
Samanthan Rutherford
EV 101: Do I need a home charger if I want an electric vehicle?

Like anything else, there are ups and downs to owning an EV. One aspect we love so much about EV ownership is that you can start each day with a “full tank of gas” (read full charge). This can generally be accomplished by simply plugging your car in every night at home.  But the question […]

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EV 101: Will the cold weather shorten my EV’s range?

Introduction We’re all accustomed to seeing the fuel economy numbers in large-format print on the window stickers of new vehicles. These numbers give consumers shopping for new vehicles a rough idea of how many miles a vehicle can travel on each tank of gas. These numbers are easy to understand, repeatable and don’t change much […]

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How much does a Tesla cost?

Tesla isn’t necessarily new to the car market, but it doesn’t have anywhere near the history and credibility of established automakers. It also has a drastically different sales method in comparison to big automakers like Ford or Chevrolet, selling direct to consumers through distribution centers rather than franchise dealers. Regardless, you can in fact buy […]

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Disney+, Car Wash Mode and more in Tesla’s latest OTA update (2021.24)

Tesla regularly sends automatic over the air (OTA) updates to its cars, offering various upgrades to vehicles. Many of the updates are innocuous bug fixes or minor enhancements to the car’s driver assistance technology. Occasionally the OTA updates bring features that bring genuine excitement to the brand’s vehicles. This latest update (2021.24), released in late […]

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Airstream considering self-propelled trailers to assist in towing with an EV

EVs solve a lot of problems for a lot of people, but long-distance towing remains somewhat of an Achilles heel for widespread adoption. With a record number of Americans now vacationing with drivable and towable recreational vehicles according to the RV Industry Association, towing a camper just isn’t all that feasible with an EV due […]

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Residual Roundup: Tesla Model 3 value after one year of ownership

A factor most buyers never consider when buying a new car is the residual value of their impending purchase. If you’re planning to keep the vehicle for years to come, it’s not really an issue. But for anyone thinking about short-term ownership, residual value can play a big role in which model they drive off […]

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How-to charge your EV for free

Few things in life are free, but EV charging can be one of them. While still considerably less expensive than operating a gas-powered car, there are fees that come into play – unless you find free public charging. With a little legwork, you can utilize no-cost public charging stations to help offset (or completely eliminate) the […]

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EV 101: How much it costs to charge an electric car

“How much DOES it cost to charge an EV?” In short, less than a gas car. Sometimes it can be free. It’s not incredibly straightforward, but we’ll break it down to help demystify the costs of charging an EV. Calculating charging costs In a sense, EVs operate somewhat similar to gas-powered vehicles in that owners fill […]

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Rivian announces adventure-focused vehicle charging network

As off-road fans ourselves, we were excited to hear about the first electric pickups a few years back. Though one of the first concerns was charging on the trail. How could you ever take your EV truck to off the beaten path and be assured you’d have enough energy to get home or to the […]

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United Kingdom’s first dedicated ‘gas station’ for electric vehicles opens for business

The United Kingdom recently announced its plan to cease sales of gasoline and diesel passenger vehicles by 2030. While that may seem like a ways off still, building the electric charging infrastructure along with bolstering consumer confidence remains a challenge over the next decade. A move in the right direction, the United Kingdom’s first all-electric […]

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